Stepping second year, We redesigned existing website

Stepping second year, We redesigned existing website

Website redesigned launched in the second anniversary of the BMP Infology. After these two challenging years, the company has stood in the row of leading IT Company of Nepal. The main changes we bring is single paged website to multi-paged website.

The company had started its business with design & development of its own website from the day of 11th January 2015. Initially, the website was based on one-page design however with the span of time and expansion of the market; the company decided to develop a new website with rich functionality and much more information.

The newly designed website is no doubt a multipage website including the “Case Study,” a section that explains our experiences from the day we meet our clients to the day we hand over their projects. Further, we have included all our expertise fields in various software and website development. Leaving trails on the business of hundred plus Clients, we have creative teams of designers and social media marketers that solely work on behalf of Client’s business development. Additional, we provide a secure, reliable and 99.9% uptime guarantee hosting and domain name registration services to our Clients.

With the dictum of hiring talents rather than staffs, the company has added a Career page so that fresh, innovative individuals can apply for job opportunities.

Do not forget to visit Your advice and suggestion are highly appreciated. Interested parties and individuals can contact us directly via our contact page of the website. We will definitely get to you as soon as we get your inquiries.

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