Magento is one of the popular e-commerce platform written in PHP. The open source platform is powerful and intuitive when managing categories of products. You can fit the need of customers according to their needs. With Magento, clients can create the user account, track their shopping history, contact through custom forms and can choose multiple language and currencies. Further, a project you create can be easily integrated with Google analytics and allows numerous marketing tools.

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Magento Related Services at One Palce

Responsive magento website development

Use Magento platform to develop responsive website so that user from various view-port can be served

Magento theme development

Our creative team develop attractive and user friendly theme for magento platform that will definitely stimulate user experiences

Custom extension development

Your ecommerce website can be enriched with many functionalities by development of custom extension

Support and maintenance

We have team of experts to offer you on request support for issues related to magento platforms

Enterprise class system

Enterprise-class systems integration, expertise on ERP, Accounting, CRM, and fulfillment systems

B2C and B2B website

Customize your web platform according to the various business model for better targeting and implementation

Multi Vendors e-commerce

E-commerce to integrate vendors from different geographical location

Magento for Omnichannel

Seamless customer experience wherever your customer touches your brand.

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