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Dynamic Ionize CMS website development with affordable cost in Nepal.

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Ionize is open source multilingual CMS based on PHP. The best thing about ionize is that it is robust and secure PHP framework and has rendering core which makes content delivery fast. This CMS is very flexible that content element and extended field let us add the own type of data to a page, articles, and media. Another important feature of ionize is multilingual; we can create as much as the language of our website as every content like articles, posts can be translated.

BMP Infology always seeks new and innovative technology so that it will solely add bricks to fulfil clients needs and requirements. Moreover, our team has expertise in the various other popular cms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

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Ionize CMS website development

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Website Development

Develop responsive and dynamic website with the powerful yet very flexible CMS ionize

Module Development

Need specific module to extend functionalities, well our expertise team will assist you to develop modules

Multilingual website

Develop your website that can have more than one language

Support & Maintenance

Support on ionize CMS from our best team on request

Template Development

Share your ideas with us about design, color, fonts etc. so that you design own theme for your business

Blog design & development

Blog to share your creativity, feeling and thoughts with power of ionize CMS

Responsive website

Make your website viewable and navigated more easily across wide range of viewport

News portal

Develop responsive news site with richer categories and professional design

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