Is a website an Assets to business or just Obsolescence…

  • January 14 2016
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We have visited many novel client offering a proposal of website design and development for their organization. During our meeting and numerous interactions we found website for them is just like a poster hanged on wall. Some argued that it is waste of money for country like Nepal where most of people do not have internet access and majorities are computer illiterate. In some point they may be true however we would like to spread light of significance to such antagonist.

We all agree that customers/clients are valuable to any business. Our business exists because of them, so we try to put our best effort and experience team to fulfill their needs. Thus, to achieve this goal website acts as a catalyst as it runs 24/7 so that we can be always there for our customers. We can update our customer on our newest offers, products, events, photos or any content with almost no cost. Therefore, business can reduce their operating cost as well as it can minimize the cost and effort of any customers.

Print advertisements, brochures are static while website can be dynamic so we can reach many targeted customers just playing with web contents. People of 21st century mines various ways for saving time and efforts thus webpages can become a platform for getting right information by sitting at home. Not only it is useful for customers or individuals but can be great help to a business planners and experts to understand their competitor’s strategies and act against them.

Website is a web brochure that represents any business on network. Billions of people use internet daily, thus it has created a convenience medium to reach with these people. If you are trying to make your business visible in global market or dealing a business with international companies, website play significance role for creating a business value. Moreover, if you are planning for business loans, bank manager of this era seek the website for confirmation and further processing.

Therefore, the above paragraphs emphasis worth of developing website for any business houses. We concluded that it is a reliable medium for targeting a niche market, effective customer service, national and international recognition and professional reputation. Finally, we should agree that this is age of technology and digital market so we must count website as assets like land, buildings, machinery etc. of our company.


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