IPhone is more expensive than Android. Find out the reasons why?

  • January 18 2016
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Android by Google and iOS by Apple has come long way since their introduction. Both phones have their own supporting features to prove themselves as superior brand. However, let’s talk why IPhone are more expensive than Android phones even if android phone has relatively more features and choices.

Apple products are excellent in terms of their flawless engineering and craftsmanship. The look and feel of the product makes so premium that one would be able plan on it for a pretty long time. They spend a lot of money marketing their products and after the first iPhone launch way back in 2007 apple has been always been anticipated by the people to come up with innovations which is their USP and give the customers a premium feel with the products.

No matter how many mega pixels or what sensor one uses in other phones to manufacture it, they always falls short of quality unlike the apple iPhone’s camera capability which is excellent. The images are sharp and crisp with some great amount of detail and excellent built-in features in the stock camera app of the phone.

An iPhone with dual core processor is still faster than majority of android flagship phones because of their dual cores are very much optimized and powerful. Further, the iPhone 6/6+ has a dual core processor can challenge an Intel Haswell i5 4th generation.

Apple products act more as a “status symbol” for the people. It’s not everyone you meet or greet carries an iPhone with them. Just a bunch of guys have access to them. They have their own set of customers who are crazy apple fans and are always ready to spend (no matter how much it costs) and get the taste of the latest gadgets that arrives in town. Thus, it would not be wise enough to compare android phones with apple as they have a completely different marketplace and both are meant for different consumers.

When you buy a phone you don’t just pay for the hardware, you also pay for the design costs, the branding, the marketing costs and cost of licensing and app-ecosystem. Well, you are not just buying iPhones but also whole lot operating expenses incurred from the day of manufacturing to the moment of iPhone on your hand.


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