Earthquake Alert Nepal App Launched

earthquake alert nepal

BMP Infology expresses heartfelt deepest condolences for all the people who lost their lives in the Earthquake as well as our sincere sympathies for all those who have been affected by the devastating earthquake.

So we thought we could help people to get the real time updates of earthquake happenings through mobile application. We have developed an android application EARTHQUAKE ALERT NEPAL.

Click on the link to download the app: Get it on Google Play

Application Description:

Earthquake Alert Nepal is a earthquake data showing application that based on multiple data sources.

It downloads data from (Nepal Seismological Center (NSC)) and (United States Geological Survey (USGS)).

With this app, you can get the latest earthquake info of Nepal and around the border of Nepal.

Also, you can search the earthquakes occurred in the past from 1994 to till date.

Main Features:

– 2 Earthquake data sources, Covers the frequent occurrence of the earthquake :

* Nepal Seismological Center (NSC)

* U.S.Geological Survey (USGS)

– See latest earthquakes of Nepal

– Notification of earthquakes even when the application is not running

– Filter earthquake data according to your needs

– Click on earthquake data list to view on map

– Map shows the latest data of earthquake

Click on the link to download the app: Get it on Google Play

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