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Mero Adhikar

Industry |NGO

It aims to unveil National and International Human Rights Instruments and the interpretation of laws, landmark decisions rendered by the Supreme Court of Nepal and subsequent courts respectively.

Mero Adhikar

Client Requirement

Fwld needs an application to introduce plentiful of Laws, Court Decisions and Publications concerning the present trend and Legal practices.

  •  Application that provides both national & international law & practices
  •  Application must cover citizenship/legal identity, human trafficking, sexual & gender based violence, social & economic right
  •  Each topic should have intro, laws, court decision & publications

Our Suggestion

We suggested to develop application for both platform. Also we added that the application would be better if it is in both Nepali and English language.

  •  Application in both Nepali & English language
  •  Add to favorite so that user can read it in their convenient time
  •  Sharing of content on social media
  •  Application on android & ios platform


  •  Application with attractive user interface
  •  Meets all user requirements
  •  Application on both Android and iOS platform

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