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Lumbini Marathon

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Lumbini Marathon also called as a spiritual marathon. This marathon is organised on hometown of Lord Buddha, Kapilvalstu, Lumbini every year. The organizer believe that this will give participants a chance to experience a bit of spiritual enlightenment that a traditional marathon lacks.

Lumbini Marathon

Client Requirement

The main objective of Lumbini marathon team is to promote the race event that is organised every year in Kapilvalstu Lumbini. They wish that their website should have race course details and various packages they offer.

  •  Page that show the details information about the Lumbini marathon
  •  Marathon Package section
  •  Race course details
  •  Galley for the images and video

Our Suggestion

In the requirement analysis phase we sat together and discussed how website will be designed. We suggested to create a Buddhist theme as it is related to it. We suggested to keep important details in homepage rather than different pages

  •  Most of things in homepage rather than multiple page
  •  Register now form
  •  Race countdown time on homepage


  •  Attractive race packages that includes both national & international packages details
  •  Detailed contact details
  •  Package includes and exclude
  •  Blog page and news and event pages

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