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Lotus Hotel Management & Training Center

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The main objective of Lotus is to produce world-class human resources in the hospitality sector. It offers various training packages as per the international standard. It provides free of cost training for earthquake victims and also gives them the chance for abroad study and job opportunities. It also helps students to apply abroad for study and work

Lotus Hotel Management & Training Center

Client Requirement

Hotel Management and Tourism Training Center wishes that they need a platform to present their work to a larger group of people and feature their services. Nima Hyolmo, director of LHMTTC is very co-operative and broad vision personality who share his ideas and concepts so that we can build a better platform.

  •  Simple and beautiful design
  •  Information provided should be clear and straight
  •  Clear contact details
  •  Opportunities to study and apply abroad
  •  Job opportunities

Our Suggestion

Lotus hotel management needs a website to promote their services via the web. We propose a design that would cover their all necessity. Initially, lotus has no logo and we suggested to make one for brand identity. After this, we made a proposition to keep apply online form so that student can quickly contact the office.

  •  Online booking system for seats available for training
  •  Google map to locate location of the office
  •  Linkage to social media
  •  Logo design for brand identity


  •  Strengthen relation with international clients
  •  Email inquiry for various training courses
  •  Kept students and other parties well informed about news & events
  •  Increased impression among stakeholders

The thing I liked about BMP Infology team is the quick response and aftersales support. I have worked with other IT company in past but BMP Infology has provided services far better . They are always willing to support and are very professional on their work.

-  Nima Hyolmo

Lotus Hotel Management & Training Center

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