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Gravity Nepal

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Gravity Nepal came into existence when two biking enthusiasts met during a racing event in 2016. Sharing common interests and vision to develop MTB as a sport in the country, it decided to nurture and provide the best MTB community/service in Nepal. Recently, Gravity Nepal is the official distributor of two amazing bike brands; YT & Rocky Mountain.

Gravity Nepal

Client Requirement

Gravity Nepal, a pit stop for MTB aficionados in the Himalaya needs website to promote their brand and mountain bikes brand in Nepal. They wished they have clean design and a bike page that will give details information about bikes they have,

  •  Bike page with some descriptions
  •  Section that will clearly says who they are
  •  Section for their news and events coverage
  •  Black theme

Our Suggestion

After discussion with Gravity Nepal team, we suggested to develop the e-commerce website. However, they explain e-commerce is there future plan when they have numerous brands and good market share.

  •  Bike page according to brands
  •  Bike brand's page with specifications and descriptions
  •  Related product suggestion


  •  Website delivered according to user requirements
  •  Attractive pages that will promote their brands
  •  Team page with details informations
  •  Social media interconnection and search integration

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