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Gokarna News

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Gokarna news; a local news site, is established with the aim of delivering hard news to general people. This news site has been run by a group of individuals who have many years of experienced in the field of journalism and online news. Gokarna news covers all most all news categories.

Gokarna News

Client Requirement

Requirement analysis phase goes well in case of Gokarna news site because the team of Gokarna news is experienced and are very co-operative. They wished online news site should be simple and covers all the news categories.

  •  News ticker for breaking news
  •  Most covers all the news categories
  •  Feature Model
  •  Feedback portion
  •  Feature news with image slider

Our Suggestion

Gokarna news's team comprise experience people from media field. We suggest them to display breaking news from news ticker to list display in an attractive way. Further, we added model gallery with more photos and description. Also, attractive quick button for current news update.

  •  At least three breaking news must be displayed with focus design
  •  Image slider with news caption on top portion
  •  Feature model with more than one image with descriptions too
  •  Separate Ads section featuring various ads categories according to budget


  •  Popular news portal around Gokarna locality
  •  Contribution on national news sector
  •  Expansion of organisation size and value

Highly active and dedicated team. Probably best news portal design company we ever met. BMP Infology has the capability to make their client satisfied from every end. Gokarna news team highly appreciate the effort done by BMP Infology.

-  Hira Lama

Gokarna News

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