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Forum for Women Law & Development

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Forum for Women Law and Development (FWLD) is an autonomous, non-profit, non-governmental organization established on May 29, 1995, to work for the protection, promotion, and enjoyment human rights. In order to eliminate all forms of discrimination, FWLD uses the law as an instrument to ensure the rights of women, children, minorities and all other marginalized groups.

Forum for Women Law & Development

Client Requirement

Analyzing our previous works, FWLD arranged a meeting for requirement analysis for website design and development. This phase went very well and organization requirement was communicated professionally

  •  Website should able to aware FWLD’s working areas
  •  Provision for interested people to read and download publications
  •  Share the FWLD vision
  •  Communicate FWLD’s work to interested parties

Our Suggestion

Our first suggestion for FWLD was to redesign the existing website as it has poor design and lacks the vision and core areas of FWLD.

  •  Publication display with filter according to year and category
  •   Linkage with various social medias
  •  Detail Description for contact information


  •  Appreciated by Donors
  •  Hike of public exposure
  •  Easy accessibility of various publications concern people

We are more than happy to have worked with BMP Infology. We are extremely satisfied with the product quality and the service, also the fact that the work has been carried out very professionally and on a timely basis. The creativity and the innovation offered by BMP is also commendable and we hope to work more in the future.

-  Subin Mulmi

Forum for Women Law & Development

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