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Earthquake Alert Nepal

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A CSR app developed for quick earthquake alerts of Nepal and World. This app shows the data from multiple data sources. There are basically three tabs for Nepal earthquake, World earthquakes and Earthquake related news of Nepal.

Earthquake Alert Nepal

App Concept

This app was developed during the time of destructive earthquake 2015 at Nepal. The idea came after we searched an app for earthquake updates and alerts and hence there was no any particular app at that period. Then, we started building the app as fast as we could during the time of earthquake living in the tent.

App Challenges

There were various challenges during the development phase of this app. The first and greatest challenge was EARTHQUAKE itself. We had to stay and work in the tent that was far from our office setting and home. Next, was the electricity; due to the wreckage of infrastructure, the power line was out for several days. Also, the data source for Nepal was not updated quickly, so we had to pull the data from multiple sources.

  •  Application that provides update timely
  •  Bug free earthquake alert mobile application
  •  The major one, Earthquake itself
  •  Filter earthquake data according to your needs


  •  Latest earthquakes update of Nepal & world
  •  Earthquake related news of Nepal
  •  Click on earthquake data list to view on map
  •  Distance from You to Epicenter in MAP view.
  •  Earthquake data History from 1994 to Till Date

We are very thankful to all our users for making this app popular. We are jubilant to get such good reviews on play store and we hope to contribute more in upcoming days.


Earthquake Alert Nepal

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