5G, The future of internet : AT&T unveils its 5G testing plans

5G, The future of internet : AT&T unveils its 5G testing plans

5G, the future of internet (5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems) is finally rolling out by AT&T as testing before the end of 2016 at Austin, Texas. It is a revolutionary step to the wireless internet service which will be 10 to 100 times than the speed of today’s 4G wireless. AT&T claimed that speed will not be measured in megabits, it will be in gigabits, one gigabits per second, so one can download a entire TV in less than 3 seconds.

This road map changes everything including the future of virtual reality, self-driving cars, robotics and many more which will be so much beneficial by the lightning fast speed internet.

In Nepal, currently we are lucky to experience 3G internet service, we wonder when will we be able to use such kind of speed in here. But we do hope, it will be soon available after the 4G and LTE rolls out here. Also, 5G is predicted to be globally not until 2020. If such speed and pricing is also done aggressively then our country could benefit a lot in this technological era.

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